Ahan Mukhopadhyay

Welcome to my blog-centric personal website! This first post is a little about me. To check out some of my other posts click on the blog link on the sidebar!

I am a second year undergraduate at UC San Diego pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. I am a tutor for the CSE Department and a sustainability intern at the Office of Sustainability.


Software Enginering Intern
Carlsbad, CA // Summer 2018

  • Designed a ZTP system for automating the deployment of next-gen network
  • Implemented an asynchronous Orchestrator for long workflow tasks
  • Created a VPN concentrator that uses the daemon charon to detect ipsec tunnels
  • Used kubernetes to deploy multiple docker-image pods to the cloud
  • Won intern hackathon category Delivering The Unexpected
  • Tech Used: Python, Flask, Celery, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgresSQL

CSE Department
La Jolla, CA // Sept 2017 - Mar 2018

  • Graded programming assignments, quizzes and exams
  • Hosted lab hours to resolve student questions and bugs
  • Led discussion sections and made useful slides
  • Proctored quizzes and exams in class

Office of Sustainability
Green Events Intern
La Jolla, CA // Jan - Mar 2018

  • #MyLastTrash is a University of California initiative that connects students to the 2020 zero waste goal and provides support for projects that approach this target.
  • Ahan is responsible for developing the Green Events Program that endorses greener campus-wide student organization and staff hosted events.
  • The program seeks to establish a comprehensive guideline for planning Green Events to achieve a win-win situation by reducing event costs and waste generation.
  • He is also working on a Green Event Certification that will certify organizations fully capable of autonomously hosting Green Events.
  • Ahan hopes that the Green Events Program will pave the way to zero waste events and bring the UC San Diego campus much closer to it’s zero waste goal.

Software Enginering Intern
Remote // Jul - Sept 2017

  • Worked on all aspects of backend web development
  • Improved concurrency in the room8 (iOS app) server for 10k active users
  • Created REST APIs to expand server support to mobile apps
  • Created Gatorade Loyalty CMS server and contributed to Gatorade.com
  • Tech Used: NodeJs, ReactJs, MeteorJS, KeystoneJS, MongoDB

Yobi Technologies
Software Development Intern
Gurgaon, India // Apr - Jun 2017

  • Developed an extreme weather alert tool for use by the Government.
  • Product has been developed further to scale with combined populations 20 mil.
  • Created a web app that collected data from 100+ IoT weather stations.
  • Implemented data visualization models that helped identify at-risk regions.
  • Made a MVP of a low-cost CCTV that could count traffic, piloted by police
  • Tech Used: Python, Flask, MongoDB, OpenCV, Plotly, Raspi


ChessBox Physical chessboard AI
PiB - Project in a Box // Jan - Mar 2018

  • AI obtained a 1400-1500 chess.com competitive rating
  • Employs Alpha-Beta Pruning and Iterative deeping for search.
  • Percieved instantaneous depth-7 search computation.
  • Avoids the horizon effect using a Quiscience search.
  • Interacts with physical board using an interface.
  • Chessboard uses IR sensors to detect piece movement.
  • Tech Used: C/C++, AI, AlphaBeta Pruning

ClickBlock – Chrome extension that counters clickbaits
Social Hack Winner HackUCI 2017

  • Automatically checks every link on your FB feed for clickbait.
  • Changes title a more appropriate one for the article's content.
  • Provides a 10-line summary on hover and a probability of correctness.
  • Classifier trained on 5000 articles with 89% tested accuracy.
  • Published on Chrome Web Store.
  • Tech Used: Python, scikit-learn, beautifulsoup, Flask

Trivents – Events Management Project
DocuSign Prize Winner SD Hacks 2016

  • A platform that allows event posting to all social media pages.
  • Markets events to people in the neighborhood.
  • Each event has a QR code which can be used to signup for the event
  • Messenger Bot uses the QR code to register you for the event.
  • QR ticket scanning helps prevent longs queues.
  • Tech Used: NodeJS, MeteorJS, Messenger Bot, FB Graph API, GoogleMaps API

Elephant Project Saving Elephants Using Ultrasound
Research Project 2015

  • Targets elephants that die from crossing railroads in India.
  • Made an infrasounds generator to alert Elphants from a distance.
  • Program adjusts for Doppler Effect with input velocity
  • Tested its use and wrote a comprehensive research paper.
  • Presented prototype at multiple conferences.
  • Tech Used: Java, LateX

Teaching Assistant Positions

CSE 11 - Object Oriented Programming
CSE 30 - Computer Organization and Systems Programming

Relevant Coursework (at UC San Diego)

  • CSE 105 - Theory of Computability
  • CSE 101 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE 100 - Advanced Data Structures
  • CSE 95 - Tutor Apprenticeship
  • CSE 30 - Computer Organization and Systems Programming
  • CSE 21 - Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems
  • CSE 20 - Discrete Mathematics
  • CSE 15L - Software Tools & Techniques
  • CSE 12 - Data Strcutures & OOP Design
  • CSE 11 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming